How to Lose Weight in One Week - the Advanced "Belly Shock" Exercises

Here's how to lose weight in one week. I'm going to show you the advanced "belly shock" exercises. These are simple, yet radically different, exercises for fast weight loss. The pounds and inches from your belly disappear pretty fast if you're consistent with these exercises.

How to Lose Weight in One Week

\"How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks\"

1. Vacuum Poses to lose lots of inches

How to Lose Weight in One Week - the Advanced "Belly Shock" Exercises

The vacuum pose is the ultimate belly fat exercise. It helps to flatten out your belly quickly.

You can do this standing, sitting, or lying down. Personally, I prefer to do this standing up while watching tv. All you do is suck in your gut. You've done it before, but if you repeatedly do this, you're waist size will shrink.

How much? Try about 2 inches in a month. That's just if you do this for 5 minutes a day. Do it more and you'll lose more. One key to remember... the area around your belly button... that's the area you want to suck in.

2. Spinning like children

This exercise sets you up for some quick and long term weight loss because of it's powerful hormone-balancing effect on the Endocrine System. Just stand there in your living room and spin around like a child. It may sound and look crazy, BUT IT WORKS!

One key... spin until you're a little dizzy. Don't go too crazy with this exercise. It's really powerful.

3. Isometric Abs Squeezes

This is a nicer "finisher" exercise. You can do this whenever. All you do is tighten up and flex your abs. Squeeze them hard. Do this for 20 seconds or more. Try for a total of 5 minutes a day... 20 seconds at a time. Within a week you'll notice leaner abs. Combined with the vacuum pose... WOW... awesome results fast.

How to lose weight in one week is easy if you give a consistent effort to incorporate the above 3 exercises into your schedule.

How to Lose Weight in One Week - the Advanced "Belly Shock" Exercises

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